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  • Comprehensive portfolio to comply with recent and emerging regulatory requirements
  • Combination of X-ray scanning and image analysis technologies
  • Large service organization provides 24 hours 7 days a week support

L3 ’s comprehensive family of advanced screening solutions enhance the security and efficiency of checkpoints at airports and other transportation centers, courthouses, correctional institutions, embassies and other high-threat facilities, including commercial facilities.

Whether you need to guard against threats and contraband or are concerned with protecting intellectual property, we have an offering for every entry point of your facility – from the lobby to the loading dock to the mailroom.

Designed to detect explosives, firearms, drugs and other contraband, our checkpoint screening products incorporate a variety of proven technologies such as automated, conventional and X-ray; safe active millimeter wave; metal detection; and energetic materials detection for trace explosives.

L3 's Advanced Aviation Checkpoint Screening Systems
Advanced Personnel Screening
Metal Detectors
X-ray Systems
Explosives Trace Detection