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  • EU Standard 2 CEP approved explosives detection system
  • DfT approved explosives detection system
  • TSA Air Cargo qualified explosives detection system
  • Transport Canada qualified explosives detection system
  • Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) certified explosives detection system
  • Screens up to 1800 bags per hour
  • Automatically adjusts to screen large objects, up to 250 cm (98.4 in) long
  • Multiple independent X-ray sources, each with a different viewing angle to provide the best possible visibility
  • Scatter Detection Enhancement™ technology provides automated detection of sheet explosives
  • High-resolution view for superior imaging and aviation threat detection
Multi-view computed tomography and software technology pair up with high-resolution image quality in the MVT-HR explosives detection system. The result is superior threat analysis and resolution. The MVT-HR EDS meets the explosives detection standards of regulatory agencies worldwide.

L3 ’s proprietary Transparent Color™ image processing technique generates crisp images with clarity — and without “halo” effects or other distortions. The MVT-HR integrates into any airport baggage security screening system.